Fabric Selection For Apparel Manufacturing

Fabric selection is one of the most crucial steps in designing an Apparel Clothing line project. There are varieties of fabrics used today, but the most common ones are 100% Cotton or 100% polyester. Do you know about others? If not, then at Apparel Xperts, you can find your preferences.

We make Custom Designed Clothing with various fabrics, you can choose any of the fabrics available, and of course, we do promise much more customization options for you when you are thinking of your clothing line.

We have fabrics suitable for men’s or women’s clothing and others used for making sports garments.

Your brand consumer’s interest lies solely in the appearance and wearability characteristics of the fabric your style is made in. They also pay close attention to the durability, utility, and style values the end garment depicts.

Apparel Xperts manufactures clothing from fabric available in the stock market depending upon customer’s requirements if they have a small ordering quantity. When they order more than 1000 pieces, we can open the gate for knitting, and in that case, any blend can follow the customer sends us a physical sample or has a lab test report of the garment they want to replicate. There is a wide range of fabric varieties but here we are talking about the most common fabrics that are used in general routines. If you want other fabrics that are not mentioned in the fabric selection, you can also get the clothes you want. We have a wide range. Due to the brief description of the fabric, we cannot mention all types of fabric.

Casual Jersey Fabrics

Jersey is a single-knit cotton fabric that’s known for its stretch and softness. Because of how jersey is knit, there is a natural elasticity without using stretch fibers like elastane.
You can find many casual jersey fabrics at Apparel Xperts. Usually, Casual jersey fabrics are referred to as knitted fabrics. We offer Single jersey fabric, Interlock jersey, double jersey, and jacquard jersey fabrics. Can use this fabric to make t-shirts, women’s tops, shorts, Pocket t-shirts, or any other casual wear garment.

Among these fabrics, you can select 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, or blended fabrics like 60%Cotton and 40% Polyester; we can also create customized jersey fabrics as per your need if your ordering quantity is high.

Apparel Xperts believes in the satisfaction of clients. Therefore it is very important to discuss fabric blends with our experienced custom clothing manufacturer experts that can guide you better based upon the description of the garment you require.

casual jersey fabric

Fleece Fabric

Cotton Fleece Fabric is a luxuriously soft fabric with a deep pile for better insulation quality. This material can be knitted or woven, but always incorporates the use of napping to create a fluffed surface. Because of its distinct insulation properties, Fleece Fabric is mostly used for seasonal wear.
At Apparel Xperts, we have a wide variety of fleece fabrics. Fleece fabric is a thick fabric used for making sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuits, joggers and shorts. we have fleece fabrics with a different types of gram/sq. Meter requirement, you can select from a readily available fabric list, or you can decide on your own customized gm/sq. Meter of the fabric as per the requirement of your clothing line you can select 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, or blended fabrics like 65%Cotton and 35% Polyester, 80% cotton and 20% polyester; we can also create customized jersey fabrics as per your need if your ordering quantity is higher than a specific quantity. Fleece fabric is most commonly used with worn items in a cold environment, and therefore people usually like to decide the weight of the garment to be the heaviest. You can also switch to Terry if you do not want the fabric to be too heavy.

fleece fabric

Sports Fabric

100% Polyester Sports Mesh fabric used for football uniforns and other sports teams uniforms. Our micro mesh fabric material carries an open weave design with small size holes. These micro mesh fabric are designed to be highly breathable against warm temperatures and is able to stretch in order to allow better movement. We have made available to you multiple types of fabrics used in making sports garments so that you can select the best sports fabric suited for your garment. Apparel Xperts understands the growing impact of sports apparel and how everyone is more inclined towards it. Apparel Xperts offers Nylon Spandex, Polyester Spandex, and Cotton Spandex as its base fabric for sports to make products such as a basketball jerseys, yoga pants, leggings, and even skin-fitted t-shirts. If the list is still not enough for you to select from, we can customize the fabric as per your need.

sports fabric

Premium Fabric

At Apparel Xperts, you can also find premium fabrics for making your designed Clothing garment more attractive. Designers are welcome to add a cherry on top of their perfectly created designs by using premium fabrics like leather, silk, or any other mentioned. We try to bring you more customization options this way. As you know, our mind is limitless, and for a creative mind to think of great fashion garments, limits are a killer. For that reason, only we have artificial or real leather or any other premium fabric to add to your garment. You can also opt for professional shirt fabric like 100% woven cotton or fabrics such as satin to create unique garments. You can use them to add sleeves, put a patch, or anything that your mind can think

premium fabric

Hosiery Fabrics

Hosiery Fabrics are usually called those fabrics are worn as leggings, tights, or undergarments. They are usually stretchy, but there is no limitation. You can also use them in making light, stretchable t-shirts or anything other than that. Apparel Xperts provides unlimited customization, so when looking for hosiery items, you are not limited to staying put with hosiery fabrics. You can make a garment with more than one fabric.


Twill Fabrics

Twills Fabrics are generally used for work clothes, hats, coats, etc. The breathability of twill makes it suitable and trendy attire for any season. The air-resistant nature and water-resistant nature of the twill fabrics, coupled with the fact that it tends to hide soils and stains, make twill an ideal choice for outdoor garments. Twill fabrics are also being used to make sublimated pants, and hence they give out a great look when a digital design is printed on them.

twill fabric


Slub knit is a fabric made with yarn that has an uneven texture. The places in the yarn that are thicker than the rest are called “slubs.” In fabric, the slubs make small lumps and create an interesting, irregular texture. The slubs also absorb color differently from the rest of the yarn, heathering the fabric.

Slub fabric

Polar fleece

Polar fleece is a soft napped insulating fabric made from a type of polyester called polyethylene terephthalate or other synthetic fibers. Other names for this fabric are “Polar Wool,” “Vega Wool,” or “Velo Wools.” Despite names suggesting the product is made of natural material, polar fleece is 100% polyethylene terephthalate. Polar fleece is used in jackets, hats, sweaters, sweatpants, gym clothes, hoodies, blankets, and high-performance outdoor clothing. It is created through a lengthy factory process using recycled plastic bottles. The produced fleece can be used to create clothes that are very light, soft, and easy to wash. Polar fleece can stretch more easily in one direction than in others

polar fleece

Soft shell

Softshell is made from woven fabric, making it a warm layer that brings comfort without the restriction or limitations of other materials. Although not 100% waterproof, the material is water-resistant, highly breathable, high-performing, and lasts a long time. soft shell is mostly used in jackets.

soft shell fabric